Publicity shots for Ragtime

Well we ran off about 400 photos this afternoon at Newhaven Harbour and The Botanics.  Here’s just a few as a wee taster.  You can find them all on this Flickr link

The New Rochelles were shot in sepia to reflect the stuffiness and formality of the time and their super wealth.


three rochelles3

new rochelle3

The Immigrants are shot in a blue duotone to represent the cold misery they are about to face in an America that ain’t gonna welcome them.


family 13

waiting in lione3

I’ve chosen a pinky hue for the Harlem chorus, but particularly contrasted them as the way of photos back then.

coalhouse and sara2


harlem duotone2

ragtime castmono2


2 thoughts on “Publicity shots for Ragtime

  1. Mark’s pics have made us look professional. The design-&-stitch stars of the New Rochelle costumes must be named: Audrey (dress adaptation), Cathy (wee sailor boys), Elaine (hats).

  2. The pictures are fantastic! The costumes are looking great.I hear the stage is mighty fine . All that’s left is showtime.. Good Luck to all cast , crew , production team and everyone back stage. Roll on Friday.

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