We’ll have to buy some hats

wedded bliss

Our beloved Kerry Anne Rae has got engaged to Ian and was loudly sporting the evidence at rehearsal for Ragtime today.

Congratulations from all of us at FCT.

We love you KAR.

But we hope the extra weight doesn’t weigh her hauns doon too much as she’s engaged in a double piano stand-off in this show.

One ain’t enough.

And when we say double piano.  We mean two pianos every night.

“Uh’ve no got enough fingurs”  The self professed Hussy fae Mussy claimed.


4 thoughts on “We’ll have to buy some hats

    • Aye, congrats again wee yin!
      Gorman – I have to say your photos are just breathtaking, well done. The kids look amazing and my old dear and her team have really come up trumps on costumes!
      Gutted I won’t see the show….maybe there will be a DVD??
      Good luck to all of youse this week.


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