Tech rehearsal night. Two days to go…

And so, this is the night to salute the behind the scenes heroes;

Front of house,





Stage management,

Set design,

Make up,


Programme design,

Irene (You had to say that.  Ed.)

The list is long.

But then you walk into the theatre with the kids and you see this and you think…

“We are blessed.

We are truly blessed.”

Mark Elvin.  You are a GOD.

The rest of you?  You are, well, gods too. (But don’t cross Irene.)

space central

2 thoughts on “Tech rehearsal night. Two days to go…

  1. Outstanding production in all departments. Note and word perfect throughout. Wonderful direction of an talented cast.The second act is moving, compelling and excellent. A production not to be missed.

  2. An extremely ambitious project which paid off. Beautiful harmonies, excellent choreography, stunning costumes and staging, and the acting discipline one expects from an FCT production.

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