Amidst our very highbrow show we had moments of lightheartedness, like this trip on our float through Leith in the midst of the heaviest downpour I’ve ever seen.

We were headed to the cavalcade which at this point we thought we might never make.

It was wet, like.

7 thoughts on “Lowbrow…

  1. Brilliant Mark, really captured the moment….that took me back to early starts in the Regent Bar before the Cavalcade on Princes St. Who was the DJ on the float..didn’t recognise the voice?
    Edinburgh does do rain very well…especially in August!

  2. “1,2,3. Who are we? We are the mental FCT?”

    Love your rendition Mark! Has the chant been changed recently or I have been chanting the wrong thing for years???

    Genius video Mark, takes me back!


  3. He thought he was at Eatser Road chanting the Hibs song to the tune of Lord of the Dance is my guess!

    I noticed his voice singing that right away and was LMHO! – Knew it was Mark immediately.

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