8 thoughts on “News just in….

  1. Another fantastic review for another fantastic show – two five star reviews in five months is truly remarkable…

    Every single star is thoroughly, thoroughly deserved!

    Congrats to everyone involved once again….

  2. Brilliant! if a little understated,

    “quite possibly the best musical production of the fringe”

    Of course it was the best musical prodution of the fringe. But we knew that already!

    Excelent review, well done everyone, very well deserved!

  3. Congratulations and totally deserved!! Well done to everyone, including directors, cast, crew, band, wardrobe, FOH and the Sunday floor moppers.

  4. “an outstanding piece of drama and quite possibly the best musical production on the Fringe”
    I would have been proud to have directed this production on the professional stage, it was truly wonderful – well done everyone.

  5. Congrats FCT – as always such a slick company from Front (of house) to Back (stage), but Andrew Dyer and his team of directors and performers really have outdone themselves this time.


    I only chip in a few hours here and there but Mum…. you take the absolute biscuit. At last the search for a free dinner and a babysitter is now over after months of uncertainty.
    Yer boys are proud of you and yer costume team – well done.


  6. Me. I’m voting for FCT’s secret weapon. The chorus. Utterly spine tingling and electrifying and the conduits to most moments of tearfulness.

    A peach of a show and two five star reviews in a row says a lot about this company. Well done everyone

  7. Get in….!!!

    Well done all, and you Maw – makes it all worthwhile eh?

    Well done FCT, superb, nothing surprises me these days…who has to follow this years events for the Easter show??

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