The Fringe Looms

Tomorrow (sunday 25th July) sees most of the cast and some of the technical team regroup as we get into final shape for this year’s festival priduction of Guys and Dolls.

Early reports suggest that the show is selling well at the Fringe Box Office, and by all accounts it’s shaping up to be a cracker – Irene Hogg, our dearly beloved Company Stage Manager, was raving about the final rehearsal before the split!

All the best gang.  Come back refreshed and ready to Rock’n’Roll.  (Except it’s not Rock ‘n’Roll is it? Ed.)

3 thoughts on “The Fringe Looms

  1. A very clever Felix, posting a link for Mark to ETA’s site on here rather than on his blog.
    Nice plug. LOL 🙂

    I trust ETA will be returning the compliment with a plug for FCT on their shiny new site 🙂

    (I did check but their ‘links’ link isn’t working yet.)


  2. Just logged onto the site to check the dates for the show! Scrolled up an down the page checking out all the new posts with no luck, finally noticed them buried in the small print at the top left! Maybe worth reposting the poster and show information at the top of each update?

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