This is why FCT is what FCT is…

Tonight’s dress rehearsal for The Chess Game was fantastic.  We need an audience now as Vic eloquently put it and tomorrow night we get one.  Not as big an audience as we’d like but an audience.

But this picture taken at the dress sums up what the whole thing is about.

We’re all dead proud of our gang.  Adults and kids alike .  Because so many people make so much effort for no personal gain.

Other than to say.  I helped make this photo happen.

Look at those faces and that commitment. Oggy Oggy Oggy...

I think a special thanks to Vic Laing and Kirsty Shaw is in order.

3 thoughts on “This is why FCT is what FCT is…

  1. Bravo to that, Mark – and I think the author/musical director will be reeling at what has hit him as FCT revisit this delightful work.

  2. Wishing you great success with your 2011 Festival Fringe show. I’m sure that it will be awesome. Wish I was home to catch a show but I will be following all the reviews. Have fun!

    Fond Regards,
    Margaret Smith
    San Diego (Dyer family auntie)

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