Thank you to Dennis and Linda Williams

Dennis and Linda

We had a lovely surprise at the FCT BBQ on Saturday, which was well attended and a great after show party for Seussical as well as a get together for committee, volunteers and a few parents involved in Godspell.

Sophie Williams mum and dad, Dennis and Linda, who run a Broadway Convenience store on Oxgangs Broadway showed up with a cheque for our funds of £500.

They won it as a prize to give to a charity of their choice and, thankfully, they chose us.

Oggie, oggie, oggie, oy, oy, oy.  Yah Beauty!


Laura’s story


Here’s a great FCT story.

Young Laura Johnston, who made her FCT debut during Seussical bought a ticket, a year ago, to see One Direction in Glasgow.

The concert clashed with the first rehearsal of Godspell and, being a consumate professional shegave up her One Direction ticket so that she wouldn’t miss any FCT ehearsing.

What a star.