2014 Shows

We’re delighted to announce that we have two blockbusters lined up for 2014.

From 9 – 12 April Ronan Radin will direct Hairspray at Edinburgh Academy with assistance from Andrew McDivvit (MD) and Katie Renton (Choreography).   Clare Saunders and Dan Gilmore will be assisting on musical coaching , Jack Nixon is assisting Katie Renton on choreography with ‘Jimmy’ assisting Ronan.

Auditions were held on Sunday 15th December f at Trinity Academicals Rugby Football Club and a cast of 43 was selected.  Our biggest for some time.

Screen Shot 2013-12-02 at 17.34.23

In August (more details later)  Claire Stewart (supported by Kerry Anne Rae (MD) and Lynne Moyes (Choreo) will present our biggest ever show.  Les Miserables (at Inverleith Church Hall)

To say we are excited about these two highly contrasting shows would be something of an understatement!


6 thoughts on “2014 Shows

  1. Hi I’m trying to contact someone at FCT about Inverleith Halls. please have a look at facebook.com/inverleithsportsclub and email me. Thanks!

  2. Hi, I’ve just got a question. How do you join FCT? Somebody told me you just have to turn up at the auditions and audition, but if that’s true, do you have to learn a script for the certain show or do FCT give it to you?

    • Hi Kasia – auditions were last Sunday but if you email fcthairspray@gmail.com we could give you more information. The format of FCT auditions usually consists of all the material being taught at the auditions and then all the material is given to the cast for the show. Hope that helps! Andrew

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