Is this our greatest ever review? You decide.


Skilful, energetic and packing a real emotional punch, Forth Children’s Theatre’s Les Misérables is as impressive a musical production as you are likely to see on the Fringe – or anywhere else.


A 5 star rave review from the website that knows what it is talking about.

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3 thoughts on “Is this our greatest ever review? You decide.

  1. Every word…echoed…astonishing achievement…to those still to watch next week, prepare to be staggered…and bring yer tissues!

  2. how do you take a great musical and make it better,.get it directed and performed by f c t what a show this has got to be one of the best performances of le mis ever .thanks to all who had a hand in bringing this masterpiece to life, jim doncaster

  3. Stunning, stunning performance. Well done to all at FCT. You have some incredibly talented singers & actors. Reduced audience to tears. Too many stars to highlight any individuals. You all must have worked and rehearsed so hard, but it all paid off – 10/10 Outstanding production – musical show of the Fringe without doubt. Eager to see what your production is next year. Robin, East Sussex

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