Sad news with the passing of Nancy MacDonald.

Dear friends,

I have to tell you that a great friend of ours, of FCT’s, Nancy MacDonald passed away last weekend.

A number of FCT stalwarts, who knew this delightful woman well, were in Falkirk this morning for her funeral.

For those of you who didn’t know Nancy she was the wife of 42 years of Ian MacDonald.  Ian wrote a trilogy of plays in the formative years of FCT; Chances, Angel and the very recently reprieved The Chess Game.

Ian is one of the people that #FCTFam is most grateful to for his unbridled enthusiasm and devotion.

Nancy was always by his side.

Personally, I used to love meeting Nancy, in non FCT moments, in the wonderful shop that she once worked in in Princes Square, Glasgow.  Coincidentally it was called Nancy Smilie and I often wondered if this was her starting off a wee career of her own under a pseudonym

But no, it was just a coincidence.

The Crematorium in Falkirk was packed to the rafters this morning and we enjoyed a simple but beautiful Humanist ceremony with moving, very moving, contributions from Ian and Nancy’s son and daughter.

Ian, if we bestowed family fellowships at FCT you’d be right at the top of the list.  Please enjoy our welcome forever in the bosom of this family.

We love you man.

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