Thank you Margaret McPherson

As Hairspray approaches we have to say a massive thank you to Margaret for somehow managing to fit most people’s ticket requirements in.  After a long struggle nobody who wanted to see the show has not found an opportunity and that is thanks to her in particular.

Tonight was our technical rehearsal.  Always a tough gig at Easter.

Here is an obtuse image I captured as a reflection on the back of Grant, our lighting designer’s monitor.


And here is something lovely.

hayley small

Sorry, neither of them give much away about Hairspray, but, hey, you know all about it anyway.

If you’re quick there’s abut 20 tickets left.



First review of Godspell, and it’s a cracker…

Thom Dibdin couldn’t make Godspell but he sent his friend Hugh.

This is a really touching and well thought out critique of a show we are all intensely proud of.

Thank you.

Review – Godspell

* * * *  Casts a spell

Forth Childrens Theatre production of Godspell. Photo © Mark GormanForth Childrens Theatre production of Godspell. Photo © Mark Gorman

Inverleith Church Hall (Venue 120)
Fri 2-Sat 10 Aug
Review by Hugh Simpson

Godspell may be a Fringe stalwart but FCT’s production at Inverleith Church Hall is particularly noteworthy. And not just because it is the first British appearance of the new vocal and musical arrangemements from the 2012 Broadway revival.

Gus Harrower (Jesus) is not a conventional choice for a leading man in a musical. Noticeably shorter than most of the cast, when he first takes the stage his large glasses and accent put you more in mind of Woody Allen.

However, his understated yet commanding performance, allied to his undoubted musical talent, means that he is able to bear the weight of a thankless role… (more here)

Thank you to Dennis and Linda Williams

Dennis and Linda

We had a lovely surprise at the FCT BBQ on Saturday, which was well attended and a great after show party for Seussical as well as a get together for committee, volunteers and a few parents involved in Godspell.

Sophie Williams mum and dad, Dennis and Linda, who run a Broadway Convenience store on Oxgangs Broadway showed up with a cheque for our funds of £500.

They won it as a prize to give to a charity of their choice and, thankfully, they chose us.

Oggie, oggie, oggie, oy, oy, oy.  Yah Beauty!


Godspell Induction day

godspell cast

At each show we meet the cast’s parents and guardians and yesterday was the day for us to “induce” Godspell.  A good showing it has to be said with some really enthusiastic parents.  They were rewarded by seeing performances of “Day by Day” and “Prepare ye the way of the Lord.”

I sat beside my sister Jane as the cast THUNDERED these numbers out in stunning harmony and choreographed quite wonderfully by Katie.

I have never had such a reaction to an early rehearsal performance as yesterday.  The show will be presented on a set configured similarly to Ragtime and FCT aficionados will recall the impact that set up had, with every actor there to be seen, nowhere to hide.

I was actually shaking at the end of these two numbers;so impactful, so joyously was the show presented.  And that’s exactly the word Ronan uses in his Fringe description of the show.

Folks you are in for one big treat.

We also had an impromptu photocall with cast and directing team (alas poor Grace Urquhart was the only one missing).

Ronan is directing with Katie on the dances (wow man).  Our MD’s are new and there’s two of them and, boy, do Dan and Claire pack a punch.



Sold out two nights running


The 36 strong cast of FCT's Seussical the Musical

The 36 strong cast of FCT’s Seussical the Musical

Seussical is a triumph.  We sold out on opening night and again tonight.  We couldn’t have squeezed another body into the wonderful Pleasance Theatre.  (Have we mentioned how truly wonderful this theatre is and how brilliant the staff are Chris and Tom in particular.  No?  well they’re magic.)

Friday night is approaching sell out so get your orders into the hotline quick but there is still availability on Saturday strangely.

Alice, Niall and Steph have done an incredible job in their first ever FCT show and they really are part of the #FCTfam now.  We love them all.

After a tough year financially last year this looks like getting us well back on track (which is just as well as we had to spend a lot replacing the doors at Bangholm this week.  Thanks to Rene for sorting that.)

Seriously, you need to see this show.  Don’t be the one in awkward conversations where people say “Remember Seussical” and you say.  “That’s so annoying I never went but I went shopping instead.”

And one last thing.  We need a poll.  WE haven’t had one for ages.  So fill this one in…