Two days to go and tickets are selling fast

As showtime approaches we have sold 65% of all of our tickets so you really will need to move fast if you’d like to see our latest gem.

Here’s the principals, yes all three of them, taking a break from rehearsal.

Annie rehearsals in full swing and cast photos taken

Well, it’s a big cast.  The best we could do was squeeze them all into two big pictures.  Hope you like them.

You’ll find all of the shots on Flickr.  Look to the photobar on the left of your screen and click through to the link.

Annie, meantime is shaping up to be a great show at the St Brides Centre, in Oswald Terrace in the Dalry area of Edinburgh from April 13th – 16th.

Tickets are priced £11 (£9 conc). All tickets are £8 on Sat Mat.

Call the FCT Ticket Hotline to place your order on 07794 144372.

It’s sure to be popular.