Four Jesus Christ Superstar sell outs

This is our Fringe sales printout.

Screen Shot 2016-07-06 at 08.46.13.png

The Fringe has 45 Tickets per night and as you can see three are completely sold out and one night has a single ticket left.  Our opening night or the Monday night is looking your best bet at this stage.  But you can try the FCT Hotline as a few tickets may remain.

We’ve sold nearly 1,500 of our 1,800 tickets and there’s over a month till opening night so expect ten sell outs.

Thank you to all of our extremely generous show sponsors (all shows are taken) and to our generous band of advertisers.

Rehearsals have been incredible.  Spine tingling and the music and movement both defy description.  Surely one of FCTs all time highlights.

Our Easter Show 2012. Auditions this Sunday. December 11th.

Next Year FCT will be staging 13 The Musical at The Pleasance Theatre in Edinburgh.

It’s been a smash hit on Broadway and is full of fantastic numbers like these ones.

This is the title track

And a few more…

The production team will be led by Ronan Radin, MD’d by Andrew McDivvit and Choreographed by Katie Renton; all three making their production debuts for FCT but all three ex cast members.  A lot of fun is guaranteed.


We’re all very excited about the auditions on Sunday.

Please be there, at Bangholm, prompt at 10am as we want to crack into the fun workshops we have planned!

If people have problems making the full day then please do get in touch as there may be a way to get round it!

We’d really appreciate it if you could all let your friends know about the auditions as it would be great to have as many people as possible. Please share this link on facebook (we’ll be checking to see who has actually done it).

If you have any questions then please get in touch with our director at

Looking forward to seeing you all on Sunday!

The production team x

This is why FCT is what FCT is…

Tonight’s dress rehearsal for The Chess Game was fantastic.  We need an audience now as Vic eloquently put it and tomorrow night we get one.  Not as big an audience as we’d like but an audience.

But this picture taken at the dress sums up what the whole thing is about.

We’re all dead proud of our gang.  Adults and kids alike .  Because so many people make so much effort for no personal gain.

Other than to say.  I helped make this photo happen.

Look at those faces and that commitment. Oggy Oggy Oggy...

I think a special thanks to Vic Laing and Kirsty Shaw is in order.

Easter 2010 show

At the FCT AGM last night it was announced that the 2010 Easter Show will be ‘Just So’ by ‘Honk’ creators Anthony Drewe and George Styles.  You can read much more about the show here.

The show will take place from 14 – 17th April and be performed at St Brides Centre, Gorgie.

Cameron Dyer will make his Directorial Debut.  Already, work has been underway and plans are looking very exciting!  Set to an eclectic, upbeat score, Kipling’s “Just So Stories” are woven with wit and imagination into a song-filled journey through the jungle.  This show provides an excellent mix of characters, giving opportunity to all ages.

Auditions are being held on Wednesday 23rd December at Trinity Academicals Rugby Club, Craighall Gardens from 1000 – 1600. Please wear comfortable clothing and shoes that are suitable for doing movement in.  It is also advised to bring a packed lunch as there may not be time to go to the shops.

The day will take the format of morning workshops followed by small group auditions in front of the directing team.  It will be a brilliant experience and involve lots of fun, dancing and meeting new people.  All material will be learnt in the morning so there is no need to prepare anything in advance.  Please be prepared to stay until 1600 although there is chance you may be able to leave before depending on when each group is seen.

Rehearsals are due to start on Friday 8th January 1830 – 2100.  Rehearsals will be held on a Friday evening and a Sunday afternoon, although some principals may be called for occassional rehearsal on a Wednesday evening.

Here’s a little taster.