Our cast of Pippin.

gracie briggs moray mcconnachie helen hunter frankie cusack harmony rose-bremner.jpg

top joe liddal bottom hannah wilson middle morgan morris and oscar brennan.jpg

top laura johnston aby pickavance morgan mclaughlin bottom eilidh west and roisin caulfield.jpg

top evie brassington and emily jardine bottom jojo brassington and mia linn.jpg

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Jude mclellan seated sarah rudden left next to olivia steele isla campbell standing right and morven mcgeechan .jpg

orla and niall bain enda gormley on right lewis hamilton standing.jpg



Four Jesus Christ Superstar sell outs

This is our Fringe sales printout.

Screen Shot 2016-07-06 at 08.46.13.png

The Fringe has 45 Tickets per night and as you can see three are completely sold out and one night has a single ticket left.  Our opening night or the Monday night is looking your best bet at this stage.  But you can try the FCT Hotline as a few tickets may remain.

We’ve sold nearly 1,500 of our 1,800 tickets and there’s over a month till opening night so expect ten sell outs.

Thank you to all of our extremely generous show sponsors (all shows are taken) and to our generous band of advertisers.

Rehearsals have been incredible.  Spine tingling and the music and movement both defy description.  Surely one of FCTs all time highlights.