Just So Scores four stars in ‘the news’

Once again the Evening News comes up trumps with a great review.
The opening night of Just So was a very challenging affair all in.  Twice the power tripped and the theatre was plunged into darkness.  But on both occasions cast and crew showed the utmost professionalism and we reached the end amidst tumultuous applause.
This was reflected in Josie Balfour’s four star  review.
Just So ****

St Bride’s Centre

EACH night, oh best beloved, men will lay out their two shoes and their little stone axe all in a line. A ritual preparation in order to have them handy for throwing at the cat when he scratches at the door to get out at 3am.

It’s a right passed down from father to son since before the days of Fred Flintstone and laid down in literature by Rudyard Kipling in the perennial children’s favourite Just So stories.

But The Cat That Walked By Itself is another story. Last night was devoted entirely to the journey the Elephant’s Child had to take on his path to a little more wisdom and a far greater nose.

Performed by the Forth Children’s Theatre, Just So is a two-hour musical melding of several of Kipling’s stories into one extravaganza.

Taking on the weighty mantle of director for the first time was 19-year-old Cameron Dyer who, after the FCT’s award-winning Ragtime last festival, had rather a lot to live up to.

Acquitting himself well, Dyer shows an excellent eye for putting a production together. He handles the technical very well but may want to pull away from playing too much with the set and focus on the storytelling, particularly the moments when important props need to be highlighted and the audience needs to focus on a character’s solo rather than the moving set.

The leads were well cast and wore their characters confidently. Despite wonderful diction, accents and pronunciation, though, their vocal projection often didn’t have the strength or range to carry the score.

Rebecca Gilhooley’s feisty Kolokolo Bird played an amusing and thought-provoking foil for Andrew McDivitt’s endlessly inquiring Elephant Child, while Becki Clark’s Eldest Magician had the engaging touch of a rather posh bedtime storyteller.

Esther Scott and Gus Harrower’s double act as the hermit Parsee Man and Cooking Stove spent much of the night threatening to steal the show, only to be given a good run for their money by Kangaroo (Ronan Rafferty) and Dingo Dog’s (Kirsty Shaw) cautionary tale of wishful thinking. The real highlight last night, however, was the cast and crew’s absolute professionalism in keeping the show on track through two brief power cuts.

Just So coming up soon

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And here’s a few rehearsal photos to show you how well we are getting on.

Look up.

Mark Madine's Amazing 6 ft 6 treads. Wait till you see the 14 ft version!

Cameron hard at work. Kerry Anne simply in awe.

Zina deep in thought. Wonder if she's learned her lines!

Meet the cast.

Don't mess with Kieran. Right?

Ronan trying very, very hard.

Easter 2010 show

At the FCT AGM last night it was announced that the 2010 Easter Show will be ‘Just So’ by ‘Honk’ creators Anthony Drewe and George Styles.  You can read much more about the show here.

The show will take place from 14 – 17th April and be performed at St Brides Centre, Gorgie.

Cameron Dyer will make his Directorial Debut.  Already, work has been underway and plans are looking very exciting!  Set to an eclectic, upbeat score, Kipling’s “Just So Stories” are woven with wit and imagination into a song-filled journey through the jungle.  This show provides an excellent mix of characters, giving opportunity to all ages.

Auditions are being held on Wednesday 23rd December at Trinity Academicals Rugby Club, Craighall Gardens from 1000 – 1600. Please wear comfortable clothing and shoes that are suitable for doing movement in.  It is also advised to bring a packed lunch as there may not be time to go to the shops.

The day will take the format of morning workshops followed by small group auditions in front of the directing team.  It will be a brilliant experience and involve lots of fun, dancing and meeting new people.  All material will be learnt in the morning so there is no need to prepare anything in advance.  Please be prepared to stay until 1600 although there is chance you may be able to leave before depending on when each group is seen.

Rehearsals are due to start on Friday 8th January 1830 – 2100.  Rehearsals will be held on a Friday evening and a Sunday afternoon, although some principals may be called for occassional rehearsal on a Wednesday evening.

Here’s a little taster.