There’s only one Matty Smith. Er, two actually. Sort of…

that was then...

that was then...

We all love Matty Smith and his, well, Matty ways. His command of the FCT float at the Festival Cavalcade was so complete that we were in his slavedom.

But it came at a cost. By Monday night’s penultimate number he was doubled over with what turns out to be a lung infection. He never made the epilogue.

Poor old Matty then was sent to quarantine and is out of action for a bit.

This caused us a problem. 24 hours later someone had to play his part. We had no-one in the cast with the space in their scrtipt to do so.

Now, JP Morgan (his character) may have been the most influential man of the early 20th c entury in America but even he couldn’t ward off lung infections.

So, what next? Cue Keith McLeish who was at Monday night’s performance as a member of the audience. He was called in on Tuesday afternoon and taught the part.

The result? A flawless and word perfect performance on Tuesday night.

That’s class that is.

But Matty. We love you. Get well soon chuck.