Sneak Preview. Bless my soul.

Early rehearsal of Godspell number led by Sophie Williams.  (Not the greatest recording).  Cast are rehearsing in the actual space we will be performing (ie on a thrust stage in amongst the audience).  Similiar to Ragtime for those who saw that.

Annie. Act 1. Check.

Last week Vic, Lynne, Izzy and Joyce pulled off the not insubstantial task of running (a bit roughly it has to be said) Act 1.  So it’s an exciting staging post as we head for showtime.

We’ve also attracted four new advertisers for the programme thanks to the excellent work of new Fundraising, Finance and Marketing committee member Diane Gordon.

While we’re at it let’s hear it for Gordon Weston who quietly gets on behind the scenes as a member of the same committee managing our databases and sending members and supporters email updates, reminders and information.  Thanks Gordon.

OMG. Is that Lynne actually cheezin'?