Fabulous review of Waiting in the wings

For those of you lucky enough to see 12 of our FCT family in action – not to mention probably the same again directing, and performing as adult members and Tempo members – you had a rare treat.  It really was a most moving and fitting tribute to Jenny.  Her Piano was used too by the MD.  Many of our production team took a very active role and many of the FOH team were drawn from FCT’s ranks so we certainly played our part.

Here’s what All Edinburgh Theatre had to say about it.

Screen Shot 2014-10-20 at 16.28.47

More here…http://alledinburghtheatre.com/waiting-in-the-wings-review/


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More here…http://alledinburghtheatre.com/wings-hits-13-5k/

Two great pieces in the media about Jenny’s show this weekend.


First off, in Thom Dibdin’s website, All Edinburgh Theatre, that you should all follow


Secondly a fabulous piece in the Evening News.


Tickets tare selling fast so you need to get a move on if you want them.

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